4 Tricky Interview Questions


No doubt, Interviews are always anxious. But some tricky questions make it more anxious. The four tricky questions often quoted are given below. To get your interview all set, you must answers the tricky question wisely.

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Here are some tips to remember while answering tricky questions often quoted by the interviewer:

Tricky Question # 1

 ”Tell me something about yourself?”

*The interviewer is looking for how you will benefit their company?


1.       Keep your answer short and simple.

2.       Elaboration to the experiences and goals relating to their applied position.

3.       Summarize your resume and talk about transitions in employment.

Tricky Question # 2

“Why did you leave your previous job?”

*Understanding how and why you decided to move from previous company.



1.       If you have a job, say you are “seeking great opportunities”.

2.       Got fired? Say that “you are parted way” and change the topic to your accomplishment.

3.       Laid off? Than it is okay to say it’s recession related.

Tricky Question # 3

“What is your range of salary?”

*Making sure if you are selling yourself too high or selling yourself too low.


1.       Always say negotiable.

2.       Find out what others are making with the same position.

3.       Resarch, research, research.

Tricky Question # 4

“What are your goals for the future?”

*Allows the interviewer that if you are fit for their company or not.



1.       Explain that you want to be excel and being known for your skills.

2.       Mention how you see yourself with the more responsibilites with in the company.

3.       Give example of positive result that you will make.

Hope these tips make you answer the tricky questions asked in a job interview. If yes? please give us your feedback.








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