World No Tobacco Day | 31st May


Worlds No Tobacco Day (WNTD)

World No Tobacco DayWorld No Tobacco Day is observed around the whole world on 31st MAY. It is meant to discourage tobacco smokers to quit smoking and the use of tobacco.The day is further intended to draw global attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects, which currently lead to 5.4 million deaths worldwide annually. The member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) created World No Tobacco Day in 1987.

Symbol of World No Tobacco Day

Symbol of world no tobacco day

Red rose in a ash tray is the symbol of World No Tobacco Day

 What is the purpose of WNTD

World No Tobacco Day encourages people to quite smoking and tobacco taking.The purpose is to create worldwide awareness of the health risk of using tobacco and support policies to reduce tobacco use.

Bad Effects of Smoking

Smoking is harmful because of presence of different chemicals.Tobacco Smokes contains over 4,000 different chemicals out of which at least 50 are carcinogens and many are poisonous.

Many people think that lungs cancer is the only smoking-related disease and it is the number one cause of death among smokers.But it is not right.

                “Cigarette smoke effects the body from head to toe”

. Smokers have a much higher risk of developing a number of life threatening diseases. Smoking may also lead to the cancers in kidneys, oral cavity, larynx, breast, bladder and pancreas etc. Many chemicals in tobacco smoke damage the air passageway which leads to emphysema and other respiratory disorders.

Smoking also has effects on the circulatory system. The carbon mono-oxide present in tobacco smoke lessens the oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin. Many other chemicals in smoke increase blood platelets . When platelets are more than the normal numbers, they make the blood viscous and it can lead to arteriosclerosis.

Smoking effects human body from head to toe, it is not only number one cause of lung cancer but also a cause of different threatened diseases.bad effects of smoking

Smoking & Social life

Smoking also effects the social life of a person, Smokers may face social un -acceptance because other people may not want to be exposed to other’s smoke.

 Say No to Smoking

Are you are smoker? Smoke regularly? Not aware of bad effects of smoking? I bet after reading this article, you will try to QUIT smoking. Say no to Smoking. Quit smoking and live  a splendid life.Say no to smoking

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